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If I could fall into the sky, do you think time would pass us by?

If I just breathe every little piece of me, everything will be alright

turn the music up, you're hearing more than sound
I've gone through a lot in my life and there are many instances where I wish I could take it back-just reverse time or be a completely different person. Unfortunately, life isn't like that and we just have to deal with what we're given or fight like hell to gain things that we should have gotten. I believe that trust and honesty are the key to any relationship- once you betray one of those traits, you rarely get a second chance, at least from me. I'm not saying that I won't hear your side of the story, because chances are I will, but there's no guarentee that you will get another chance.
My family is crazy, annoying, and complicated. But I guess all their mistakes and decisions have shown me exactly how not to live my life and how not to raise a family of my own one day.
I hope to accomplish much in life-to help people in some way, because I truly enjoy helping others,and impacting society in a minor and significant way. I hope to find happiness and live a blissful, healthy life. It may sound a bit idealistic, but I have sarcastic moments and very hopeful moments as well to balance it out!

"Life isn't suffocating, air isn't overrated. So just take a breath." -Take a Breath by Jonas Brothers

I love reading in general, especially the Harry Potter books. My recent new obsessions are the Jonas Brothers-I just can't get enough! But I am interested in gettting into different genres of music, I listen to basically most of the mainstream stuff, but if you have some really good music you wanna spread, tell me about it! TV I enjoy watching includes The Secret Life of the American Teenager (sometimes), Gossip Girl, House, Monk, Pysch, Disney channel (a little) and anything else that is entertaining. Oh yeah, because of my friends, I am Twilight fan. My fav. ships are Jonas Brothers/anyone or OC, Draco/Hermione, James/Lily, and Edward/Bella (although jacob/bella isn't a horrible pairing). Feel free to comment!

Oh, please check out my community meathello2 Thanks!